Don't Hibernate this Winter

It's that time of year.  The holiday season is upon us and with it comes some of the tastiest (and least healthy) meals of the year.  I'm not a nutritionist and I am not going to offer any advice on what you should or shouldn't eat.  I am sticking with the notion that, if you exercise regularly and have a balanced diet, it's ok to splurge on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you take care of yourself the rest of the year, why not enjoy Mom's apple pie?  The problem is that most Americans don't take care of themselves the other 363 days of the year and the obesity rate in our country is on the rise.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 30% of South Carolina residents were considered obese in 2009.

People gain weight over the holidays because they consume more calories than they can burn.  There's nothing wrong with having a nice meal and then sitting on the couch and watching television, but you need to get in a workout before that comfy couch sucks you in.  Easier said than done?  Sure.  It is easy to get lazy in the winter.  I am not going to argue with excuses like:  "My schedule was crazy."  "It's cold and it's getting darker earlier."  "I'm not putting on a bathing suit anytime soon."  There's always going to be an excuse why you can't exercise.  You just need to suck it up and motivate yourself.

Get a jump start on the holiday season now by going for a walk or even a run.  It's free and you can do it anytime.  Check out this great article for tips on getting started: Running 101: Take the First Step Today