South Carolina Runner's Gazette

If you are interested in the South Carolina running scene, I recommend signing up for the South Carolina Runner's Gazette.  Cedric Jaggers calls it "a statewide informational, statistical, historical source for running and race information", but it's really an encyclopedia of all things running in SC.  In his most recent newsletter (all 118 pages of it), he listed the finishing times for all of the 2010 races to date and the historical results for all of the upcoming races.  If you are signed up for the Turkey Day Run, you can find the results from 1978 - 2009.  Signed up for the upcoming James Island Connector Run, Kiawah Island Marathon or Reindeer Run?  It's in there too. 

The latest issue of the SC Runner's Gazette also included articles about the NYC Marathon, the Best Sports Cities in the US and High School Cross Country.  They even threw in a picture of the original Cooper River Bridge Run t-shirt for good measure:

It's a lot of data to digest, but if you want updated information on South Carolina running you probably won't find a better resource.

To sign up or learn more about the SC Runner's Gazette, please email: