Run Buddies Mentors Youth One Step at a Time

Part of Louie's Kids, Run Buddies is a national athletic mentorship program, matching adult running mentors with aspiring young runners.

At Run Buddies, they believe health and wellness are in everyone’s reach. Each and every kid has potential for success, and being healthy is the first step toward a promising future. Sometimes we need cheerleaders pulling for us. That’s where you come in.

Volunteering to be a Run Buddy is an opportunity to make a lasting impact in a kid’s life. It’s fun, meaningful, and it could be life saving. Run Buddies is part of a larger organization called Louie’s Kids that is dedicated to fighting childhood obesity. Since 2001, Louie’s Kids has been an advocate for kids’ health and has helped hundreds of overweight youth turn their lives around. Our experience in the fight against childhood obesity confirms our belief that exercise is the one tried-and-true way to lose weight and improve health.
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