Saint Patrick's Day Trivia!

Céad Míle Fáilte (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)
Here are 17 Trivia Questions about St Patrick's Day

1. What is Ireland’s nickname?

2. What was the national color of Ireland at the time of St Patrick?

3. A Leprechaun is really an Irish:
a) Shoemaker
b) Thief
c) Fairy
d) Magician

4. What does the shamrock represent?

5. Why does a Leprechaun wear green?

6. What city held the 1st St Patrick’s Day Parade?

7. What is a shillelagh?

8. What style of ring in often considered the “Wedding Ring”?

9. What does “Erin Go Bragh” mean?

10. What was St Patrick’s birth name?

11. What does legend say St Patrick drove out of Ireland?

12. What is the longest river in Ireland?

13. What was the first city to dye a river green?

14. What does Slainté mean?

15. When was St Patrick born?

16. What nationality was St Patrick?

17. What was St Patrick’s occupation?

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