Bands Needed for Cooper River Bridge Run

January 2,2013 - Charleston, SC- The Music Initiative is thrilled to announce its partnership with 2013 The Cooper River Bridge Run. We begin our search for 20 bands to perform along the 10K race route. Stages will be located roughly every 1/3rd of a mile throughout the length of the race, extending from Mt. Pleasant Coleman Bi-Lo to Marion Square!

Musicians have always been a part of the race, but this year the race will be musically curated to help the runners reach maximum adrenaline levels. We would appreciate your help in announcing and soliciting musicians for this exciting new addition to the Cooper River Bridge Run.

Why participate?

1.Each band will be given the opportunity to perform in front of 40,000 Cooper River Bridge Run participants.
2.Each band will have a profile feature in the Cooper River Bridge Run email blast which reaches over 100,000 individuals.
3.Each band will be featured on the Cooper River Bridge Run website as well as multiple other social media sites.
4.Each band will be featured in some capacity on 105.5 The Bridge as a “Bridge Run” artist, as well as be promoted via their website and other social media sites.

Each band will be featured on the map of the race course, helping guide participants and spectators to each stage throughout the course.

1.Copies of the CD on which each band will have a song featured will be available at different distributors throughout the city of Charleston, as well as at the Expo for two days which has an expected crowd of up to 80,000 people!
2.Each band will be featured as part of the music video of the Bridge Run that will be released following completion of the event.

Due to the magnitude of the event, certain application restrictions do apply.

1.Only those bands made up of duos, trios, or foursomes should apply.
2.Only upbeat genres/ tempos will be accepted. Bands will be performing to roughly 40,000 runners, thus it is of vital importance that their music be energetic and uplifting so as to provide those participating, as well as those looking on, with the most positive atmosphere possible!
3.Each band will need to be able to be present on April 6th from 6am to 11am. Within these time frames, some bands will play earlier and finish earlier; some bands will play later and finish later. Everyone must be available for the full 5 hours.
4.Each band will need to provide their own PA system.
5.Each band must be able to play a combination of covers songs and original tunes.

Stipulations that should be considered before applying.

1.Each band must be willing to record one song for a compilation cd that will be sold both online and in stores. 105.5 The Bridge will be a presenting supporter of the cd.
2.Each band must be available sometime between January 15 and Feb 6 , 2013 for a live recording/ filming session of the song they choose.
3.Each band must submit at least 2 original songs with their application to be used for consideration purposes.
4.Each band must submit an additional 2 songs to be included in a playlist that will be created for the runners to help them with their pacing pre-race.
5.Each band must submit a 50 word bio, 1-2 press photos, and a link to their best video.

Submit 2 songs by January 15, 2013 to
There will be compensation for each band’s time and performance.

We hope you will join us to make this the best Cooper River Bridge Run yet! Let's put Charleston on the map for music!

For additional information:
Becca Finley, 843-819-7811,
Becca Finley
Chief Creative
The Music Initiative