South Carolina 5K Records (as of Feb 15, 2018)

South Carolina State Records as of 2.15.18

This State/Age/Sex division was last updated 1/22/2018 3:27:12 PM
Overall SC State Record: 16:30 set on 4/25/1992 by Maggie Kraft, Age 33
Overall SC State Record: 16:30 set on 9/3/1993 by Kathy Kanes, Age 31
*Faster time but NonResident/NonCitizen of SC: 16:08 set on 12/7/2013 by Sophy Jepchirchir, Age 20
AgeTimeNameDOBHometownRace LocationRace Date
7 (1-7)21:51Kendra Miles   ON FILELexingtonSoda City Crit12/17/2016
8 (8-9)21:11Kendra Miles   ON FILELexingtonSumter YMCA Turkey Trot11/23/2017
9 (8-9)22:11Carly Hall   ON FILEMt. PleasantK of C Turkey Day11/26/2009
11 (10-11)17:57Charity Fillmore   ON FILEBeaufortRice Run4/24/1993
12 (12-13)18:54Charity Fillmore   ON FILEBeaufortRice Run4/23/1994
14 (14-15)18:28London Miller   ON FILEGreenvilleGreer Earth Day4/24/2010
17 (16-17)18:40Jasmine Polite   ON FILEGoose CreekRace for the Cure-Charleston10/16/2010
19 (18-19)18:00Katie England   ON FILEWest UnionFloppin Flounder6/12/1999
20 (20-34)16:08*Sophy Jepchirchir   ON FILEKenyaReindeer Run12/7/2013
31 (20-34)16:30 TIEKathy Kanes   ON FILECharlestonMidnight Flight9/3/1993
33 (20-34)16:30 TIEMaggie Kraft   ON FILEColumbiaRice Run4/25/1992
36 (35-39)17:04Clarice Marana   ON FILECharlestonRice Run4/25/1998
41 (40-44)17:28Nancy Grayson   ON FILEColumbiaReindeer Run12/7/1991
49 (45-49)18:42Dian Ford   ON FILEPiedmontOktoberfest10/16/2004
51 (50-54)18:56Dian Ford   ON FILEPiedmontOktoberfest10/21/2006
55 (55-59)19:18Kerry Robinson   ON FILEMeggettSave The Light2/7/2015
60 (60-64)20:51Dian Ford   ON FILEPiedmontOktoberfest10/17/2015
65 (65-69)22:59Judy Phelps   ON FILEMyrtle BeachRivertown Reindeer12/3/2016
72 (70-74)24:33Marge Hoffman   ON FILESalemOktoberfest10/20/2001
75 (75-79)30:03Jean Bongiorno   ON FILEOkatieRice Run4/27/2013
81 (80-84)34:26Anita Krisher   ON FILECharlestonK of C Turkey Day11/24/2011
85 (85-89)44:59Evelyn Tripp   ON FILEPiedmontRace for the Cure-Greenville9/29/2001
93 (90-94)46:24Evelyn Tripp   ON FILEPiedmontReedy River3/7/2009
95 (95-99)48:45Evelyn Tripp   ON FILEPiedmontReedy River3/5/2011

This State/Age/Sex division was last updated 1/22/2018 3:32:38 PM
Overall SC State Record: 14:01 set on 8/29/1986 by Jim Haughey, Age 25
*Faster time but NonResident/NonCitizen of SC: 13:59 set on 12/7/2013 by Emmanuel Bor, Age 25
AgeTimeNameDOBHometownRace LocationRace Date
7 (1-7)22:05Elijah Poore   ON FILEMountain RestWalhalla Elementary3/15/2014
9 (8-9)19:49David Grayson   ON FILELexingtonK of C Turkey Day11/25/2010
11 (10-11)18:26Noah Spencer   ON FILEMt. PleasantReindeer Run12/3/2011
13 (12-13)17:13Zane Jackson   ON FILENorth CharlestonRace the Landing5/12/2016
14 (14-15)15:39Dolan Owens   ON FILECharlestonK of C Turkey Day11/26/2015
16 (16-17)15:48Andre Ivankovic   ON FILEClemsonRace for the Cure-Charleston10/15/2011
18 (18-19)15:03Charles Freda   ON FILEClemsonMidnight Flight8/29/1986
25 (20-34)14:01Jim Haughey   ON FILEClemsonMidnight Flight8/29/1986
13:59*Emmanuel Bor   ON FILEKenyaReindeer Run12/7/2013
39 (35-39)14:41Selwyn Blake   ON FILEColumbiaRice Run4/29/2000
41 (40-44)15:07 TIEBob Schlau   ON FILECharlestonK of C Turkey Day11/24/1988
43 (40-44)15:07 TIESelwyn Blake   ON FILEColumbiaDaniel Island3/13/2004
45 (45-49)15:12Eric Ashton   ON FILEColumbiaJailbreak5/25/2013
52 (50-54)16:14Bob Schlau   ON FILECharlestonReindeer Run12/4/1999
55 (55-59)17:03Dave Geer   ON FILEClemsonOktoberfest10/17/2009
60 (60-64)17:43Marc Embler   ON FILENorth CharlestonTurkey Day11/23/2017
67 (65-69)19:23Steve Annan   ON FILEMt. PleasantK of C Turkey Day11/28/2013
70 (70-74)20:52George Luke   ON FILEGreenvilleStandpipe10/2/2010
76 (75-79)22:13George Luke   ON FILEGreenvillePeach Festival7/9/2016
83 (80-84)26:39Rudy Nimmons   ON FILESenecaOktoberfest10/18/2003
85 (85-89)33:41William Boulter   ON FILECharlestonRace for the Ark8/22/2015
90 (90-94)46:45George Boucher   ON FILEAndersonOktoberfest10/18/2003